About Soul Reading

Soul ReadingTM is a four-part method of reading and intentional reflection designed to help you connect the lessons in the stories you read to your life in order to find greater meaning.

It is inspired by the ancient practice called lectio divina. This practice teaches a person to engage with a short passage of scripture using varying perspectives in order to gain all of the richness the scripture offers — and its insights for the mind, heart, and soul.

Soul ReadingTM expands this concept beyond scripture passages. It is based on the belief that a wide array of books can be mined for great depth if you follow a thoughtful process and take the time. This process has four steps:

A basic sense of a story takes hold as you read a book. You may enjoy the experience or it may challenge you as you form an initial Impression.

Your appreciation of a story begins to grow through a process of Exploration. By picking apart elements of a story, you can build understanding and add depth to your initial responses.

Intentional Reflection happens when you relate a story to your own experiences. This moves you beyond understanding a story about someone else to considering how it is also about you.

Once you allow stories about other people in other places to become your stories, Transformation can occur. It serves as insight or a lesson that helps you to grow.

At www.soullibrarian.com you will find regular posts expanding upon this process and showing through examples how to apply this process to your own reading. The Soul ReadingTM Journal is a tool to apply this method to the stories you read. To purchase a journal go to the Products link on this website.