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If you are a reader who is also a soul seeker, this space is for you. Welcome!

Stories are one of the best tools to help us tap into our reserves of inner wisdom. Stories help us figure out what we admire and why and they can show us what it might cost for us to take on different challenges. In short, they help us imagine ourselves confronting situations familiar and unfamiliar to us. Buoyed by stories, we can conjure up courage when we need it, more easily identify joy in everyday life, and console ourselves when things are not going so well. By changing the way we read and relate to stories, we can change the way we live in the world.

Come check out the resources and tools that will help you change the way you read. Be sure to check out the free stuff – Sharable Images and Reading List Guides, both with buttons on the sidebar – and take a look at the Soul Reading Journal.


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